E Komo Mai

The American Civil War had far reaching impacts in the North and in the South.  However, the conflict also made an impact in places far beyond American soil.France and England played key roles in providing goods to the combatants. In the Pacific Ocean, in the tiny Kingdom of Hawai‘i, King Kamehameha IV issued a Declaration of Neutrality to prevent Hawai‘i from becoming a convenient port of call for privateers. But that did not prevent more than 100 young men from the islands from participating in the war.  Allegiance to America was strong in the Islands because of the influence of the American missionaries and whalers who were mainly from the New England states.

Samuel Chapman Armstrong, Henry Ho‘olulu Pitman and many other Hawai‘i Sons went to fight in the great Civil War for a country that was not their own. This little known story is both compelling and profound, and this film will tell that story.


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